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If you are looking for easy-to-maintain grass-like flooring, stop right here as we offer reasonable green carpets to transform your space’s aesthetics and functionality. We sell top-quality grass made from olefin (polypropylene), nylon, and polyethylene which is stabilized by backing. For natural aesthetics, comfortable surfaces, and pleasant ambiance, we provide you with the most purposeful solution of fake turf rolls.

The most significant edge of Red Carpets is that we are the leading supplier of artificial grass in the UAE. We provide weather-proof grass rolls for every indoor and outdoor space at affordable prices. With our low-maintenance synthetic carpeting, you can give your spaces a fresh and natural appearance for many years on end without the need for hectic maintenance

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What Benefits Do Our Grass Carpets Offer?

They hold major significance in the whole UAE due to their dominant features.

  • We provide easy-to-fit synthetic carpeting and runners for indoors and outdoors.
  • Because of the A1 quality of our synthetic carpeting, they last a long time.
  • They are perfect for any space as they are anti-bacterial, anti-pesticidal, & fade-resistant.
  • These are very easy to maintain as you need periodic vacuuming.
  • You can get them in multiple sizes & colors to match the surroundings perfectly.
  • The grass doesn’t require trimming, watering, or mowing, yet it stays evergreen.
  • It is eco-friendly because it won’t need fertilization, irrigation, or hazardous chemicals.
  • Our green carpets are anti-slip, providing you with a secure surface to run and walk.
Red Carpet gives the best service in the UAE!

Our Latest Collection!

Grass Carpet

Grass Carpet

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Best Grass Carpet

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Versatile Grass Carpet

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Modern Grass Carpet

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Luxury Grass Carpet

Durable Grass Carpet

Durable Grass Carpet

Durable Green Carpets At Our Store

To improve the outdoor and indoor ambiance and practicality, we provide you with low-maintenance carpeting solutions. The use of synthetic fibers, stabilized backing, and protective coatings make these carpets a durable choice for every space. Also, for maximum stability, we provide you with backing materials made from latex, rubber, and PU foam, contributing to creating a smooth and sleek surface.

In addition to that, you can get different types of infills to ensure natural aesthetics, surface leveling, weighting your turf down, and maintaining the upright position. These infill materials are silica sand, rubber crumbs, organic material, EPDM, and cork. Aside from that, these are water, stains, and UV-damage resistant, ensuring easy maintenance and extending lifetime. We also provide you with great discounts and featured sale opportunities to get the most out of us.

We Provide High Quality Fake Turf Carpets For Every Space

Having an experience of over 15 years, we stand out as a leading brand for providing quality servicing regarding floor treatments. We provide water-resistant, environment-friendly, and sustainable floor coverings made from synthetic fibers. With our grass coverings for floors, stairs, and other landscapes, you can make any area presentable and comfortable.

To avoid the hectic maintenance schedules, you can get any area covered with these fake grass. You can have these carpets for balconies, terraces, gardens, decking, playgrounds, pool sides, roofing, patio, and backyards. In addition, you can have them for commercial spaces including offices, sports complexes, restaurants, healthcare centers, retail stores, and banquettes. Based on the space’s layout, aesthetics, and usage, you can choose the suitable material, color, and shape.

Get Our Affordable Grass Carpets With Expert Customizations

Our carpeting creates the ideal setup when ordered per your specified requirements. We aim to provide cost-effective customization services so the carpeting can fit the prospective space perfectly in terms of style, dimensions, and foot activity.

For your residential and commercial spaces, you can select the desired fibers and thickness according to your requirements. In addition, you can pick any size and shape to enhance your place’s decor. Also, we offer enormous categories of green shades so you can pick any of them.

We Install Grass Carpets Perfectly!

Stop looking for fake grass installers and call us immediately because our skilled and proficient technicians provide fast and satisfactory services to fit these synthetic grass rolls. We focus on delivering the best results and, hence, we begin with precise floor analysis and measurements.

Our services create the most comfortable and stable surface with the one-time installation expense category. Besides, our qualified staff provides installation at highly affordable rates with no compromise on the efficiency of work. With padding installation, infill material addition, and perforated backings, you can be sure of the best functionality. You can book your slot anytime as we are available 24 hours a day.

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Why Choose Us For Grass Carpets in Dubai?

Red Carpets provides the best carpeting solutions and claims:

  • We provide top-quality grass flooring for every indoor-outdoor space.
  • Get this floor covering with low maintenance and affordable prices.
  • Contact us anytime for sampling, quotation, and customizations.
  • We deliver your chosen carpet rolls on time at your thresholds.
  • Get complete satisfaction through warranties and guarantees.

Customer Reviews

See How Our Clients Talk About Us

The quality of their green carpeting is the best of all shops in the Dubai market. My outdoor is transformed beautifully. And amazingly, the pricing isn’t very high. Budget-friendly purchase experience!

Farzan Ahmer

The fake turf floor covering I got from Red Carpets has made my balcony attractive. I would particularly like to thank their experts for the best installation treatment with precise measurements. My place never looked so pleasant and welcoming!

Ayna Afsheen

The fake grass installation job done by their professionals was amazing. They transformed my totally wrecked backyard in no time and the resulting look is mind-blowing.

Samar Faham
Versatile Grass Carpets Dubai


Frequently Asked Questions

The lifetime of these carpets basically depends on the material type, maintenance, and installation. Made from heavy-duty synthetic materials, these fake turfs can last almost 18-25 years with proper upkeep.

Although they require simple upkeep to maintain a hygienic environment, it is crucial to vacuum them periodically. Spot clean the spills and splashes, avoid mirrored surfaces, apply weed killer, and avoid using BBQs and other heat sources.

Yes! This fake grass is good for the balcony and every other space due to it’s low-maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and prolonged durability. Besides, it will create a pleasant and relaxing space for every outdoor activity.

It is suggested not to use a vacuum cleaner as the suction could remove the infill material. We recommend using brushes to clean the surfaces. To clean your grass periodically, you can use a soft brush and soapy solution. Rinse the surface using a hose of water.

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