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At Red Carpets, we stock the most innovative, heavy-duty and cost-effective Office Carpets Dubai for every commercial area. Our carpet for office is highly affordable and will keep floor maintenance expenses away!

Premium Manufacturing

Colorfast Dyes

Versatile Sizes

Affordable Pricing

Quality Items

Our Office Carpet Collection 2024

Hi Tech Design Tiles

Hi Tech Design Tiles

Enyo Carpet Tiles

Enyo Carpet Tiles

Birch Cord Tiles

Birch Cord Tiles

Enigma Carpet Tiles

Enigma Carpet Tiles







Barrier Tech Stripe

Barrier Tech Stripe


Carpet Tiles For Office

These modular carpets offer excellent floor covering flexibility and make commercial interiors appear greatly valuable.


Loop Pile Carpets

These carpets have uncut yarn loops and their smooth surfaces are highly comforting and easy-to-maintain.


Level Loop Carpets 

These durable carpets are great at keeping interiors warm and pleasant to reduce energy consumption.


Cut Pile Carpets 

These carpets are plush underfoot, suitable for luxurious power offices or rooms meant for guests.

Unique Office Carpet Dubai Options We Provide

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Installation Services

Get Expert Carpet Installation 
in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

What Makes Our Office Floor Carpets A Valuable Investment?

Our carpets will help you design the most sophisticated, professional, presentable and equally comfortable workspace interiors. They are hard-wearing and low-maintenance, and can effectively replace hard floorings with their design versatility.

The most significant benefit of our office carpets is energy-efficiency; they maintain the right temperature balance indoors, improve HVAC working and reduce energy expenses over time.

Improved Air Quality

Ease Of Maintenance

Best Office Carpet Dubai

Premium Materials We Use For Crafting Carpets For Offices

Stain-resistant Nylon

Easy-to-clean Polyester

Pure Wool

Finest Polypropylene

Durable Office Carpet Dubai
#1 Office Carpet Dubai
Office Carpet Dubai for meeting
Office Carpet Dubai in blue color

Fitting Amenities

We Provide Quick And Budget-friendly Carpet Installations And Repairs 

Our carpet fitting services will save you from the hassles of looking for installers after you’ve purchased an office carpet. We provide installations for all types of carpets, most importantly carpet tiles and you can get every sort of subfloor treated and improved by us.

With our precise and long-lasting carpet fittings, you won’t need to spend on expensive hard floorings and your workspaces will be very easy to maintain as well.

Free Floor Measurements

Free Carpet Sampling

Extra Carpet Backings

Repair/Replacement Services

Professional Carpet Cleanups

Expert Maintenance Guides

Versatile Office Carpet Dubai

Designing Outstanding Workspaces

Custom Carpet Tiles For Elegant, Energy-efficient Interiors

Contact us to get your hands on our exclusive custom carpet tiles and rolls for offices!

Beautiful Office Carpet Dubai
Perfect Office Carpet Dubai
Office Carpet
Modern Office Carpet Dubai
Stylish Office Carpet Dubai
#1 Office Carpet Dubai

Trustworthy Servicing

Why Choose Us?

Red Carpets is a renowned home decor and flooring brand in Dubai, best known for premium-quality residential and commercial carpets. Today, we’ve got you one of our best sellers, which is Office Carpets Dubai perfect for every small and large-scale workspace. With our classy and serviceable carpets, you won’t need to spend on other decorative essentials and you’ll experience greatly improved comfort plus productivity.

Underfoot Comfort

Fatigue Reduction

Slip Resistance

Noise Reduction

High Insulation

Furniture Anchoring

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Frequently asked questions

When choosing carpets for office interiors, one should look for durable, hard-wearing and low-maintenance options. As for the design, it’s best to go with minimal or no designs and solid colors. The colors should be sophisticated and not very bold, so as to give off a professional look.

Low pile carpets are the ideal choice for busy spaces or areas with high foot traffic. In terms of material, nylon carpets should be chosen. These carpets are good at hiding dirt, don’t get stained or frayed easily and can last for longer periods of time in areas with a lot of usage intensity.

Since carpets in offices receive a lot of foot traffic and usage, they should preferably be vacuum cleaned every other day, if not everyday. In addition, they should be deep cleaned and shampooed every 3 to 6 months to get rid of all the buildup and ensure presentable appearances.

Yes, office carpets should have padding, particularly if they are to be placed in high traffic areas. Most carpets, especially carpet tiles, come with pre-attached paddings and you can get extra underlayments if your carpet doesn’t have any. A padding keeps a carpet safe and long-lasting.

The best approach in this regard is to make use of commercial carpet deodorizers, but make sure you get the compatible type, in accordance with your carpeting. As an alternative, you can sprinkle Baking Soda on the carpet, let it rest for about 30 minutes and vacuum it afterwards.